Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Two Worlds

Sun was setting in the far oblivion.Her home, a furlong away was visible in the twilight as a beautiful patch of grey over the blazing red that was now the horizon. Heaving foot one ahead of the other, she slowly made herself walk towards it, the loneliness that she suffered wanting her to go back the stone track, through the meadow, towards the river bank.

It was here, in the hours after she had left her friend, a young bright lass of her age, that a traveller, seated on a hand-made saddle, placed on the darkest and the mightiest horse she had ever seen, stopped her. His face was hidden half beneath the scarf with the golden braided edge and the dark brown eyes had expressed, beyond his attempts to mask them, an exquisite liking and a warm feeling of unearthly fondness.

She could sense his eyes wandering from her hair, that was gently flying in the mild breeze coming from nowhere, to the features on her face, and further beyond. A sense of uneasiness set in initially, but soon gave way to a unique sensation she had never felt before. He got down from the beast, and started stroking its mane, his eyes fixed on the beauty in front of him. His boots showed signs of rough times, and the leather holsters on either side of his belt held guns with ivory butt.

It was unusual for a stranger to ride into their town, in the valley beside the snow-capped mountain. They were the cast-away from the kingdom of the cruel king, and defying his rule was their mistake. The mountain provided them protection from the king's guards, and from the beasts that prowled in the jungles beyond. The tracks leading to the village had given way to vegetation, the reminiscence of a prosperous trade route. Any person coming from other side of the mountain was hanged in the town centre, for, if he is left alive , their settlement could be ambushed by the cruel king.

He talked to her in a language that was not her own. His voice , she imagined, were of the gods her mother always spake of. Unmistakeably she could comprehend the essence of his words as though they were connected by a link from the past, perhaps from a previous birth. He lifted the gunny pouch hanging from his waist,requesting for the elixir of life- water. She gently took it in her hand. Their fingers touched for a brief moment and a pulsating surge sent shivers through her nerves. She drew back immediately, her soft snow-white cheeks now wearing the vibrancy of a rose bud.

Her breath quickened as she curvetted towards the rivulet. The chirping of the blue-tail reminded her of the romantic ballad her grandma used to recite.
Anxiety mounting, she quickly filled the pouch with water, and ran back to the place where she left him. Her heart beat faster than ever as she imagined his face beneath the scarf, daring herself to speak once she got back.

He was lying under the large oak tree. The horse he had straddled was no where to be seen. She set herself next to him, resisting her temptation to touch his hands that now rested on his chest. His breath was heavy, and words were choking his throat. She gently placed her hands on his back, rendering him support enough to sit. Her emotions flooded beyond bounds as her arm drenched in his blood. The gaping wound on his back was draining him of all the vitality he was left with, drawing him closer to the darker world beyond life. Their eyes locked for a brief moment. His hand gently rose, caressing her face, before falling down, lifeless...

Dedication: to a very special friend, Merlin, who inspired me to write this...

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

National Crisis!!

View the following photos and etch your comments. The pictures are self-explainatory.

Notice No. 0 : Stars which vanished into oblivion

Notice No. 1

Notice No. 2 : Anxious Parents

Notice No. 3: Them again!!

Notice No. 4 : Primo facto

The creators of the notification are Chacko and Rushdie, the bereaved friends of the missing individuals.

Notice No. 5 : Hoping for the Good

Require Immediate response. All you people out there.......


Friday, January 11, 2008

Saami- Doom and Return of a Legend!! The saga continues!!

This is a tale about a boy who struggled through rough times and proved to the world around him that true courage and hope for good is still left on this planet.

Once upon a time, in the distant land of Thrissur Engg. College, studied a smart little young man named Saami. Ardently inspired by the words of great leaders, he decided to dedicate his life to the welfare of common people and his fellow sudents, by landing up in college politics. People gasped with awe when he passed, and he increasingly became a rare item in his own class as more often his duties would keep him busy, as an emerging Red Star.

Then disaster struck. The day was December 31st, 2007. On his way back to hostel, exhausted and weary, Saami was atacked by a gang of ....THE MATTANCHERY MOSQUITOES.

He fought them back bravely, him against nine(perhaps!!) but one of the savage beasts found its destination, Saami's leg. The mosquito made the strike before Saami could barricade himself.

Gasping for air after the galactic war, Saami realised with shock the emergence of a small inflammation near his toe. Irritation soon set in and unable to stand it anymore, Saami plucked at the lump and it burst!!

As days passed by, the swelling in his leg increased though he seldom bothered about it. Busy with his routine, Saami had totally forgotten the pain till it became excruciating. Upon his friend's insistence, he soon consulted a doctor who immediately hospitalised him.

Friends are a boon and sometimes a real pain in the ...

Friends and family poured in to visit the fallen warrior, with empty hands. The sufferers were the nurses of the floor as prying eyes often lurked around them and jackals in saint's disguise sought every oppurtunity to talk to them.(no offence meant :) )

A dying patient needs care even in his death bed

The D-day, as Saami dreaded, finally arrived. A white clad lady came into his room rolling a wheel chair, taking him into the mystery land of OPERATION THEATRE. His friends ran behind him untill they were blocked by giants called attendants near the Op-T.

Lead Unaware

Seconds turned minutes and minutes ran to an hour and a half. Saami emerged as illuminant as before, out of the glassed entrance(or exit!! whatever!). The doctor, exhausted after the minor surgery was soon brought out supported on either side by the attendants. His final words were" It was a miracle. The boy shall live."

Victory is thee

Our joy had no leaps and bounds. Messages and calls came pouring down like the water in Niagra. Friends and family celebrated a new dawn for the " boy who lived".

Walking towards a new dawn(Hopefully!!)

Soon came the day when he parted from the comfort of the hospital bed. His eyes wet with tears, throat choking to let a final word out and hands trembling as he slowly let the door to Room no. 212 slide back to its latch.Heartbreaking Moments

And then.......

He lived happily ever after!!!

****************THE END**********************