Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anniverssary Tribute

This is a picture i created as a memorabilia to our first anniverssary at college..
post your comments if you have any...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Relax??What Does That Mean?

Its been a long time since I have had the opportunity to scribble anything. The way things around me were moving was so fast that I was finding it difficult to catch up in this long race.
A lot has been happening in the very few days that passed by.
A welcoming news in this regard is that we, the S3 Compsciz are about to embark on our semi-annual tour. And the destination--?? Land of Mist Kodaikanal and the The scenic bliss of Hogganakal.

Let me leave here a glimpse of what we are about to visit and relish.
First up- A foggy morning in Kodai.

Last one whole week in college was spent by us on planning the destination, the expected expense listing and arranging facilities upon reaching the fore said places.
We are leaving Thrissur on 31st eve around 7p.m and thus will start another episode of fun and joy unplugged, as its been happening from the time we got together here. this is just another leg in our memoirs.
Here's a view of the coir boat in Hogganakkal, that stars above all attractions associated with this place.

Expected number of people on this trip is somewhere between 40 and 45 and thence its a Herculean task of arranging all attributes associated to this tour. Work was split and teams of people were sent around with specific purposes like checking out the travel expenses and booking the transportation necessary, getting official consent( the toughest of all jobs was this!! ), planning the itinerary and deciding the stay.

A Teacher from our college is expected to accompany us in our excursion and his Family will be giving him company while he's with us. :)

Sailesh, Priya, Merlin, Tony and myself were engaged yesterday in persuading the staff on accompanying us lest the trip gets cancelled as it is mandatory as per the regulations by the State Government that teaching staff is to assist the students in "Educational Tours and Industrial Visits". :0

Bristow, Ashith, Sethu, Rogen and Others
were engaged in the strenuous task of organising local arrangements including transportation and everything.

We all are very keen on the outcome of our work and expecting the best to come our way, hoping that everything will move as finely as its been till now. Awaiting with Crossed fingers(in literal terminology :))

that's it for now.
more details after getting back from the fun trip.

I'm currently at Mysore, back home for the festival of the year the Dasara Celebrations. Here's a glimpse of the Procession that shall take place tomorrow, known as the Jumbo Savari.More details on Mysore and DDasara in Next Post.

Sadly though, I will be missing all this fun as I am getting back to college by morning the day after, meaning that I've to leave Mysore by evening tomorrow.

Yesterday was memorable day. It was MY parents' 21st Anniversary!! Now you would ask why is it special!!??
Well, its special for me because they are my parents and the best in the business!!
We had dinner from Mysore's very own Green Leaf restaurant.And, a thrilling offer was made to me yesterday on account of the occasion- I will be provided the necessary budget to get the mobile phone of my choice!!!

Well, to speak of Mysore, every house I saw today was in the festive mood of Navami and people were seen decorating their homes, offices and vehicles with flowers and offering Puja at Temples.

It is true- Cultural Heritage is What makes us, Indians, Special!!!

That's it for now,
Buzzing off

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Opera mini

I downloaded opera mini 3.1 on mobile today upon being given the website to get the same by raman.And guess what!this post is being put up from my mobile browser.I'm planning to change my cellphone(currently using motorola c650) as its modem is often not detected by my pc.Browsing through opera is easy though it won't allow postings exceeding 1024 characters :(. For all the mobile users the website to download opera is