Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'Dam!!' Its Gorgeous!! Peechi dam, Thrissur

Peechi Dam( Reservoir) provides for the water supply to more than half the population of Thrissur district. Thanks to the Weather phenomena happening some where in Indonesia, the state of Kerala has been receiving heavy rains for the last 10 days. The water level in the dam has reached the apex thus making it essential to lift its "shutters", which control the level of water stored in the reservoir.

We, a gang of 12, took this as an opportunity to relish in the lap of nature overlooking the region surrounding the dam. Cars, belonging to Rohit and Bristow were arranged for immediately, and congested though we were, made it to Peechi which was roughly 17kms from Thrissur City.

It was drizzling as we reached Peechi. We approached the location directly over the shutter where from one could actually feel the rumble of water gushing savagely through a narrow gap of 20 Inches to the surface 50 feet+ below. It was definitely a view of a lifetime seeing the water in the adjacent reservoir touching maximum level for the first time in 20-25 years. I remembered Samuel Taylor Coleridge's words,"Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink" as in this case we could not reach the actual water body because of restrictions by the authorities.:)

It was followed by a hike into jungle nearby. We went on narrow forest paths, where on only one person can walk abreast,all the time awestruck by the sheer power of water, the force of which hitting rock bottom was deafening. Our trek through the jungle came to an end at a small rivulet where in we halted and took rest. It was getting dark(6.30p.m) and they say, in jungle night falls even before one realises. :)

The trek was loaded with many funny instances of people quoting doubts on a small motion in the nearby bush mistaking it to be snakes and all. We soon returned back to Civilisation and made our way to the bottom of the fall.Jets of water formed mist all around upon meeting with the base ground and it was a wonderful feeling relinquishing all worries of the day and letting mind float over the beautiful waves that were being created and destroyed every moment.
Kerala is truly, the God's own Country.

Everyone chose to stay for the night at my place upon compulsion. Ramakrishnan was given birthday bumps at 0000hrs as he is turning 19 today. As always, we sat around debating on a field of common interest and the talks went on till 2 in the morning when we called it a "day" and went to sleep.

It was one rare experience all together and a real nice getaway from our busy schedules in and after college :).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Cheers to the Men in Blue!! The Cup is Ours!!

An exciting finish to an exciting match. India wins the ICC Twenty20 World Cup beating their neighbour and arch rival Pakistanon Wanderers Stadium. And what a match it was!!

My classmates and I cancelled our daily class at Pramode Sir's to watch this match with great expectations. After reading the article by Md Mudassir Alam yesterday, i was eager to know the result of what he called the Mother of all Matches.

I spent time watching Indian batting at our all-time hang-out- Wimbies with my classmates and many other ardent Indian Fans. Towards the end of the Indian innings it seemed as though there were very little chances of snatching the Cup from the rivals.

I placed a bet(for a Burger :))with my friend on the odds against Indian win. I returned home soon after the batting of the blue squad was over, expecting only a miracle that could save them from stopping Pakistan.

Soon I heard the disheartening news of Sreesanth being hit for 21 runs in a single over. Thereafter, came the moments that will get etched in golden letters in World Cricket history, when Team India was lead on a path of Come back by the captain on the First ever Twenty20 World Cup and what a return was that!!! The final overs were nail-biting moments( as always when India plays Pakistan :) ). The first ball of the last over ,which the last man standing for Pakistan hit for a six,reduced the runs needed for their win to 6 from 4 balls and it seemed to be a nail on India's coffin.

Then ahoy! the ball that followed saw the same batter giving catching practice to our fielder thus pulling the curtains on Pakistan's Innings. Dhoni, captain of the team on this Foreign tour, was on cloud nine as the artistic cameramen rightly showed and the elated Men in Blue went about doing the renowned Indian Huddle and making merry.

The final score card was as follows: India 157 for 5 wickets in 20 overs.Pakistan bowled out at 152 in 19.3 overs. Man of the match awarded to Irfan Pathan and Shahid Afridi was elected the Player of the Tournament.

Team India was seen doing the lap of honour expressing their courtesy to us, the Indian fans for the centum support offered :).

This match proved to be one hell of an entertainer and the win is a great moment of pride for every Indian.Its been 30 minutes since the match has finished and I can still hear the bursts of crackers and other fireworks in the neighbourhood where there is no bound to the peoples' joy. :)

Proud to be an Indian!!!

I welcome all to express your comments on the joy of India's win...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Girls are Selfish !!

For those of you who don't know, I am undertaking coaching at the popular T.I.M.E MBA/CAT tutors.

I have my classes every Sunday from 10a.m to about 4p.m. The classes deal with various topics, ranging from Intellectual Ability Enhancement to that of Verbal Ability and from Data Interpretation to Logical Thinking.

Though the classes had commenced about 2 Months ago, I started attending them on regular basis only since mid August(You know college habits die hard:))

The reason why i started this post is to share my first experience in attending a Group Discussion or G.D, in short.
Our verbal Ability classes are taken by one of gifted teachers I've ever met, Mr.Joseph.Witty and jolly in person ,he has a unique knack of making us face the audience without fear of shame or without feeling shy.

Coming back to the session we had with him today, he introduced us to the Pros and Cons of G.D and the Do's and Don'ts while attending one.

We were made to stand in a circle and various topics were given.To list a few, we had discussion on "Making Dowry legal","Girls are selfish(how true :) !!!)" and "Boys are Mommy's toys","Subsidizing Junk Food" and many more funny, interesting topics.

People were eliminated after the end of 10 minutes and the discussion would continue with new people filling the gap.There were many funny instances as the discussion heated up,one of which was a comment by a fellow classmate saying that he has had enough bad experiences to say that women are mean and selfish.The whole class erupted in laughter.

Joseph Sir, however, told us that seldom do such topics appear in G.D and therefore asked us to be keen and more enthusiastic in reading newspapers,keeping track of various global events and many other stuffs.

Its been a long time since i touched a newspaper for reading a news article, though I've browsed it infinitesimal times to check out the new movie in town and whether there is a strike in any part of the city.. :)

Guess I'll have to start doing what he instructed in near future.But not now anyway :).

Tomorrow is the big day- the Finals of Twenty 20 World Cup where in India will meet arch-rivals Pakistan in a death battle where only the true savage survives.
buzzing off

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Firefox and Funds

I finally downloaded FireFox 2.0 from Mozilla website on 19Th night.Frankly, it seems very much like the FireFox 1.5 that I was using earlier.I did find a new option in the History tab- "recently closed tabs".It lists, as the name says, all the webpages the user visited in that session.

Its practically unnecessary to include such a tab as we do have the list of all the visited tabs available right on top of this option.May be these inclusions are what they call "updates" :).

My classmates ,Raman and Rohit came home for a night stay.We watched some movies and when everyone of us started feeling sleepy, we switched over to the all time classic comic saga- "Friends".And there goes all the sleep.We watched it till 2 in the morning and then went to bed all the time discussing things in college and debating on topics like forming a class fund.I hope some of you readers have an idea as to what this means.And i request your opinion on how to implement this.
Started downloading Quicktime 7(19.2MB).My Gprs connection could do that in under an hour which is, as my experience says, a good time.:)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bheja Fry: Scintillating Comedy; Meaningful Notions

i had an opportunity to watch the Hindi movie- 'Bheja Fry' y'day.
Pictured on the high income groups of the society, the film provides an exampli Gratia of the degrading moral values and ethics.The movie clear casts the fact that money isn't just everything that can add flavour to one's life.

Though the topics dealt may seem pretty serious, the presentation of the movie is simply hilarious.The movie is an exquisite example of how humour can be used to present the gravest of matters.
This movie,as I feel, is a must-watch for every single person entrapped in the busy urban life.

My Early Blog Posts

Check out the following link to view my first attempt as a blogger.I presume had removed that blog of mine and just returned it back as soon as I started my new blog.:)

Reinstated Net Facility

I had been driven way away from the world of Internet for the past 2-3 months owing to unavoidable circumstances that cropped here.
Today Anish Chetan's mom, or my aunt in short, gave me her son's Motorola c650 which would serve me the purpose as a modem for my Internet connection, while my dear nokia 3120 will still be used as usual.
I had to spent half an hour to set up the network connection in my PC,OS being Windows Xp Sp2.I had to re-install the Motorola modem drivers twice before they would actually fit into the framework.
As soon as the connection was made,i tried to visit two web pages simultaneously- Google and Pramode sir's blog.Google being my all time favorite for its wonderful search and all the stuffs associated.Sad to say this,thanks to my wonderful Airtel GPRS connection, sir's blog would not load at all.
I'm planning to download FireFox 2 now(using Internet Explorer now:(). Anyone with a better suggestion for a browser, kindly post as reply.

First Scribble

Greetings comrades....
This moment,the 55th minute of 0th hour of the 20th day of the 9th month of the 7Th year in the 2nd millennium after Christ, marks my entry into the blogosphere.
Though i do not wish to leave memoirs of my past present or future in clear description here, it may, as i see, become inevitable to post them as and situations demand.
Cutting short the virtually endless bluff i was about to unleash,
i hereby,inform everyone in the blogosphere of my arrival amidst them.
Lets have fun!!