Monday, November 16, 2009

Its all over

its all over.... good bye..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

To someone special... truly special..

How swift have flown
To me thy girlish times,
A woman grown beneath
My heedless eyes!
In vain I rack
My fancy to believe
The almanac,
That speaks thee twenty-one.
- Charles Lamb.

Wishing you on this blessed moment, the choicest, prettiest and happiest of everything you come across. The path thy nimble foot take you across, be laid of the most fragrant roses from the garden of Athena. My dear, let the year ahead bring you what you always cherished, dreamed and prayed for.
The solemn prayers of my heart shall always seek the one above, blessings, and care on every breathing moment of your life, so precious to me that these words alone can't describe.


Monday, August 24, 2009

BSNL EVDO and me!! :)

Ever heard of EV-DO - the revolutionary 3G product of modern communication scenario. Well I hadn't untill recently. Came across it as my old broadband connection( RIP :D ) was performing ever so disgracefully..

I bought the BSNL EVDO connection last week. The procedure was pretty simple-

a. fill the form

b. attach a photo

c. attach an ID and address proof

Voila! within two hours I got moi EVDO USB dongle. At a monthly charge of Rs.850(which includes Rs.200 as rent of the device) its definitely a bargain for me, reason being the fact that the EVDO enabled BSNL tower is just over 100m from moi place :). EV-DO comes with an unlimited plan only which is, coincidentally my favorite choice as well :D. 

Coming back to "Evolution-Data Optimized" or "Evolution-Data only", abbreviated as EV-DO or EVDO, EV, and blah blah is a standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for "broadband Internet access". Yes, you heard me correct, "Wireless broadband". It uses multiplexing techniques including code division multiple access (CDMA) as well as TDMA

In simple words, EVDO is the answer to people on the move, ranging from Business executives, IT professionals to students(that include me ! :) ). The most striking statement about it would be the fact that EV-DO devices provide typical speeds of 50-150kBps and 500-800kbps upload completely "wirelessly". EV-DO routers can make it possible to share it with other users as well. EVDO can provide all the features that the cable broadband can provide :).

It allows realtime streaming and viewing of videos from sites like Youtube, basic operations viz, email, file transfers etc. My eyes swelled with tears watching Barso re Mega video streamed live for the first time since I bought it:).

How does EV-DO operate: The EVDO modem receives the signal from the tower and allows you to connect to the internet. One needn't worry if their locality doesn't fall under 3G coverage, as EVDO comes with downward compatibility with available CDMA signals or 2G signals. EV-DO devices come with driver software for DOS systems. For GNU/Linux based systems, minor tweaks with dialing tool(wvdial) config files puts you right on track and ready to go online. :) I was able to run it smootly on my Ubuntu 9.04 as you can see below :). 

As wikipedia says, In India, EV-DO services are provided by Tata Indicom, BSNL and Reliance. Essentially a USB device, it comes at a wide price range. EV-DO services, with all its pompous outshine, suffer the drawback of being unreliable in rural areas(i.e, in areas without 3G enabled towers), though I haven't tried it yet. But still since it supports available CDMA signals or 2G signals, one needn't worry about being isolated from civilisation completely!! EV-DO service is highly efficient in our Metros and major cities, including Thrissur. So,if you are a person like me who's suffering with cuthtroat download limit wala broadband connection, this is your right choice buddy!Enquire about the tariffs at your nearest ISP office and go grab one !!!


P.S: 1.Thanks to and for providing the technical information I included here.

2. Thanks to and for their help in configuring and troubleshooting the problems I had while running it under Ubuntu.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Great Indian Road Trip- Thrissur,Kerala to New Delhi, New Delhi Part Zero

Hell yeah!!! What you read is true, every word of it !!

Its been a while since I blogged here. Been on odd errands all these time, and add to it, what can be called a "writer's block" :) . But never did I dream that my return to blogosphere would be with something this joyful, that I can't still contain the sheer thrill of it!

Yes! We are embarking on our dream tour, from GEC, Thrissur, Kerala to Delhi( or New Delhi, New Delhi :) )( An ~2900km journey one way). A 12 day journey which includes about 5-6 days on road and a 2-day trip back home in train(courtesy: Indian Railways). No strings attached( except those budget ones :) ). Here's how it all came about:

I wouldn't disclose the entire details verbatim, but the capsuled data is here:

Rohit's dad has been transferred with promotion( cheers!!) to Delhi.

Problem: Make sure uncle wouldn't have no trouble whilst commuting in the Metro.
Solution: Their KL-08 P XXXX Maruti Zen :D!!

Rohit suggested, got approval and thus took birth the crazy idea of taking car to Delhi, driving the entire stretch from TCR! Not to mention the compulsive, obsessive, certified brain-damaged lunatic what-not-ic Bristow to boost the whole concept, the next thing left was to decide fellow tourers- Denny, Raman and Myself!
To put in simpler words, Drivers- Denny Machan n Brittoli, Tourers- Me :) n Raman, and
Last but the best Moyalali of the Vandi- Rayappan!!!

The trajectory and pit-stops haven't been yet decided but I'll update it soon here. Initial suggestion is Thrissur-Mangalore- Deviation to Goa- Pune- Agra- Delhi.

Return Journey tickets have been booked in Mangla Express on July 13th. Surprisingly, a sleeper class ticket from Delhi to Thrissur costs Rs. 600/- only( I ain't much of a rail gadi yathri hence moi ignorance to be tolerated!)

Rest of the details shall follow soon! Meanwhile, you can keep track of me on twitter as well.