Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Battle Royale!

Whew what day it had been!

The following write up may seem a bit exaggerated but, hey, thats how I like to view it and thats how i shall put it up!

I'm speaking of the Association Cup Cricket tournament we have in college. The matches are held annually, between the students from 4th year to first year and cricket matches are held between the teams of these years, belonging to the Compsciz family.

Yesterday ( November 20th, '07) was the day we had our match with the 4th years.It was our first match in the qualifiers and there was too much pressure on our team, facing the seniors.

The day was off due to some need-not-be-mentioned problems in the college and we spent the first half registering for the 3rd semester university exams(truly, thinking of it gives me creeps!)

After loitering around the campus for the rest of the day without any specific purpose what-so-ever, came the moment we were eagerly waiting for.
The match started at about 11.45 or so( I was not there to see it commencing). The 4th years were to bat first and the match was scheduled for 12 overs. Our team came up fairly well with about 30 extra runs and as we watched the batters put up a appreciable score of 96 runs from 12 overs at the loss of 7 wickets. It is indeed an unassailable total to chase for the team to bat next, or so did it seem at that time.

A small drinks break followed and soon the second innings began. Our team incurred the loss of two early wickets as the score board ticked staggeringly.
But soon the situation changed as Jerry came on to bat as number four in the order. The team was losing wickets at one end, while at the other Jerry stood like the rock of Gibraltar, picking up one's and two's and converting them to three's whenever such a situation was provided.

The score boomed towards the end of the innings as the target now became 30 runs from 18 balls. Another batter was lost and we were clinching to the final straw of hope. 10th over and the one following it proved good for the team and as we entered the final overs of the match the win was attainable at a run per ball.
The dramatic situation grew unbearable and all of us, the viewers, were standing impatiently as each ball was thrown. Jeers and cheers accompanied each good ball and each good drift.

The match reached its climax with the runs levelled, or in technical terms, at a draw. We had another ball to face and another run to chase and none other than the blaster Jerry was at the batting end.
The final ball of the match pitched and swivelled to his legside, what seemed to us the onlookers as a wide, but Jerry the Stakhanovite had forced his bat to give it a nice little flick as it raced towards the fine leg fielder. The crowd( not many, about 30 or so) erupted and ran into the ground, hoisting Jerry and Ashith( batter at the other end) up in air.

It was one hell of a match and the tension had paramounted so much that it eased in this show of victory. We all headed towards the canteen in a processsion and the talks on the exciting finish continued there as well, all the while sipping soft-drinks and sip-ups.
Jerry had hit a massive 44 in our pile of 97 runs. It was truly an exciting finish to an enthralling match!! Rest of the team had put in their two penny as well as none of our batters were dismissed on a duck and none of our bowlers returned without a wicket!

Three cheers to US!!

P.S: the day was quite special for other special reasons as well!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Om Shanti Om Rocks!!

King Khan proves it yet again!! He's the unbeatable prince of Bollywood. SRK's new venture, Om Shanti Om is yet another thriller with picture perfect scenes and Indians get a new sensational beauty to their actress List- Deepika Padukone.

Yesterday was a bad day to begin with.I was stuck in a traffic jam for the first time after coming here. Reached class late. Came to know that an exam that was scheduled for the day has been postponed. Immediate plans were made then and there. Upon enquiry, we received the reply that tickets for the matinee show of Om Shanti Om have been already sold out.

Hence we decided to watch Sawariya.Came out of the theatre half way in the film, I just could not bear the melodrama. Perhaps its not the type I would prefer to be a viewer of!! Rahul and me, started off immediately to the next theatre in the vicinity where O.S.O was being screened and unfortunately we had to satisfy ourselves with the front row tickets costing Rs.15. There were about 12 of us and we set in for the screening, eagerly waiting for the first glimpse of Deeepika.

The movie turned out to be hilarious and our joy had no bounds. We danced near the white screen for every song of the movie and it was my first experience tapping my feet in front of such a large crowd( though I wouldn't bet my chances on having been noticed ;) ! )

The movie has a song that shows 32 superstars of Indian Cinema, past and present. Here's a pic from the song..

Didn't realise the time flying by and soon we were out and moving to the next theatre.Yes, believe me, we were on a movie marathon last night. Settled in for Tamil Superstar Vijay's "Azhagiya Tamil Magan".This movie made me remember the earlier RajaniKant movies, contributing their stunt scenes and songs.Story seemed to be a distant image of a Hollywood movie I had seen long back but the screenplay by the Ilayathalapathi Vijay( Ilaya means junior and Thalapathi refers to Rajanikant, I suppose) makes this movie good enough to sit and watch for the 3 hours.

We were out of the theatre at 0030 hours(he he, a military touch!). I hadn't had my lunch nor dinner for the day and was hungry enough to eat up anything that wouldn't bite me back!! Roamed in the city searching for a hotel to be open this late in the night and having not found any, settled with two glasses of sweet tap water, apologising to my tummy for my negligence.

We all slept together in the hostel "Chandra Villa", better known in the campus as "Compsciz Hub". Woke up early in the morning(9a.m), and returned home.

Jobs for the Day:
1. Brush.
2.Have food.
3.Do a bit of studies for the day and for the internals coming up next week.
4.Write up an article for my brother's assignment on Indian Politics.
5.Sleep in between if time permits.
6.Call up pals and chat for hours.

P.S: To all of you out there.. Happy Diwali...

buzzing off,