Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Great Indian Road Trip- Thrissur,Kerala to New Delhi, New Delhi Part Zero

Hell yeah!!! What you read is true, every word of it !!

Its been a while since I blogged here. Been on odd errands all these time, and add to it, what can be called a "writer's block" :) . But never did I dream that my return to blogosphere would be with something this joyful, that I can't still contain the sheer thrill of it!

Yes! We are embarking on our dream tour, from GEC, Thrissur, Kerala to Delhi( or New Delhi, New Delhi :) )( An ~2900km journey one way). A 12 day journey which includes about 5-6 days on road and a 2-day trip back home in train(courtesy: Indian Railways). No strings attached( except those budget ones :) ). Here's how it all came about:

I wouldn't disclose the entire details verbatim, but the capsuled data is here:

Rohit's dad has been transferred with promotion( cheers!!) to Delhi.

Problem: Make sure uncle wouldn't have no trouble whilst commuting in the Metro.
Solution: Their KL-08 P XXXX Maruti Zen :D!!

Rohit suggested, got approval and thus took birth the crazy idea of taking car to Delhi, driving the entire stretch from TCR! Not to mention the compulsive, obsessive, certified brain-damaged lunatic what-not-ic Bristow to boost the whole concept, the next thing left was to decide fellow tourers- Denny, Raman and Myself!
To put in simpler words, Drivers- Denny Machan n Brittoli, Tourers- Me :) n Raman, and
Last but the best Moyalali of the Vandi- Rayappan!!!

The trajectory and pit-stops haven't been yet decided but I'll update it soon here. Initial suggestion is Thrissur-Mangalore- Deviation to Goa- Pune- Agra- Delhi.

Return Journey tickets have been booked in Mangla Express on July 13th. Surprisingly, a sleeper class ticket from Delhi to Thrissur costs Rs. 600/- only( I ain't much of a rail gadi yathri hence moi ignorance to be tolerated!)

Rest of the details shall follow soon! Meanwhile, you can keep track of me on twitter as well.