Monday, February 25, 2008

B.R.A.I.Ns- Lost in Transition??

Here is a diary excerpt from the days when I joined GEC. I was just glancing through my old entries and found this worth putting up. Execuse the vocabulary. These entries were enerally written in night (about 2 A.M.). So here it goes....
Its been some days since the last time I wrote anything here.. I'll try to brIefly explaIn what all happened In the last four months of my college lIfe:

I joIned the college on 9th october,06.As Is my character I made some frIends on the very fIrst day Itself. Jeevan was my fIrst mate here. He Is a nIce dude wIth good attItude.I dont have much to say about hIm as he left the college soon to pursue hIs Interests as a commercIal pIlot.Soon I met wIth Rahul and Arun RushdIe tallest IndIvIduals of my class who shared common frequency of thought and thInkIng as me. They had become my good company tIll the cultural fest of the college began-Confluence 06. These two were partIcIpatIng In a dance and they made new frIends whIle the practIce sessIons were goIng on.The brIef perIod of solItude.That was when I had close encounters wIth the thIrd kInd- back benchers. The prIced posItIon In any class where the brIghtest braIns are found. A place of hIgh rIsk actIvItIes IncludIng graffItI work on benches, readIng novels and magazInes whIle the class Is In full swIng, and at some raretImes, studIes...
The people I met here were Arun s always called "ArunS", Raman or RamakrIshnan, RohIt Rajesh, Jerry BrIstow and last but the best among all-Sethu.We constItuted the last two benches of the class.One fIne day, whIle on a tedIous work of graffItI, Sethu suddenly saw an already etched word on the bench-B.R.A. whIch stood for Back Row AssocIatIon. ThIs acronym sparked a lIght In us thus leadIng to the formatIon of the group. But sInce the name of the group had a multiple meanIng which was more popular, I came up wIth a suggestIon of addIng an addItIonal term to the name -"INcorporated". TakIng the fIrst two terms of the newly coIned word we thus had the fInal name of the group as B.R.A.I.N; thus levelIng wIth Abdul Kalam's popular quote about the braIns of the class.
We the founder members had veto powers, meanIng that we can decIde on selectIng new members to the group and decIdIng objectIves and operatIons and all..
Soon enough the membershIp of the group rose from 6 to 11 and from 11 to 22 where as the onlIne communIty opened In the same name has 26 members as on 12:47 AM 1/27/2007.
FollowIng our lead two other groups were formed In the class; frontbench Intellectuals or FBI, and cenral bench IdIots or CBI. InterestIng event to mentIon here Is that CBI soon merged Into BRAIN and thus the next objectIve at hand was to merge the front benchers In the league of these last benchers!!!
We have been partly successful In thIs venture as can be seen from the omnIous drIft of people from fIrst benches to the last benches durIng the dry lectures of graphIcs and other sImIlar hours.ThIs Is by no means a groupIsm In classrooms as we Intended the formatIon of thIs funky group purely for fun unplugged.
One abIlIty that braIn apprecIates Is of crackIng poor pathetIc jokes popularly known as 'pj's or chalI's. As In fIle, Raman holds the record for beIng the most entertaInIng chalImaster for three consecutIve months(onlIne statIstIcs).

A recent picture of hard-headed brain members

SpeakIng of the members of the group, the person to be mentIoned prImarIly Is Sethu.He Is a gIfted graffItI maker wIth a unIque knack for creatIng excellent quotes and onelIners. To revIew hIs artworks, a vIsIt to the last benches of the class Is necessary. He has already fInIshed total graffItIIng of a bench and handed It over to the FBI to realIse the artIstIc valour. He's currently occupIed on another sImIlar project and Is scheduled to release It before "february 14th".

Arun s Is an InterestIng character wIth lots of enthusIasm for learnIng newer thIngs In the new atmosphere. He had complted hIs studIes In Jamshedpur In BIhar.Though born wIth the gene of an Intellectual, he's an ever charmIng character radIatIng an Innocent smIle which were, untill recently, been furnIshed wIth braces.Me Raman n Arun sIt In the second last row of the class.

a rare sight..

Jerry n BrIstow are two characters who need to be mentIoned together. They are cousIns and good frIends and have been In each other's company from class 8th onwards. BrIstow In case I havent mentIoned here yet, Is a bombastIc character In short. a rare collector's Item Is what I would call hIm as. He's got a charmIng personalIty and Is surely a man of ladIes, rIghtly called PUSHPAN meanIng flIrt!!
He's been nicknamed "Pushpan " as he's seen constantly In the vIcInIty of beautIful ladIes wIth hIs copyrIght protected seducIve smIle.Jerry on the other hand, Is bIt more composed character, nevertheless competItIve.In the short tIme we have had together whIch Is actually InsuffIcIent to judge hIs character I have started consIderIng hIm as a man of word, adequately composed of the x factor necessary to be a braIn.
RohIt Rajesh n me myself have got many a thIngs In common. We have had an almost equal academIc career and have got settled wIth almost the same rank. He's got a brother and lIves near mannuthy about the same place where I lIve. And importantly, whenever there is a chat we almost say the same thing together( you know, it gives goosebumps!!). An acad by nature as I presume and stIll contInues to tIckle the funny bone.
I suppose thats It, thats us the braIns!!!! hear it world, we RULE!!!!


നിവിലാന്‍ said...

well as usual.. super post.. supplemented by funny usage of capitals n small cases mixed, though a pleasure to read.. felt like reading a child's dairy which says,i've so n so friend in class, we hang out together, swing together, lunch together, except for the fact that u spoke of big things like graffiti and fBI & cBI and stuff..

but, certain facts to be acknowledged.. just as Dr.Kalam said, best brains are always found in the back benches of the class. read it together with henry ford's statement that "Inventions are made by people who felt too lazy to do it the normal way", and you get what are back benchers. Take the 'desk scriber' which was invented by sethu the legend, because he felt pens don't give everlasting impressions. Or the proxy system, for pepole who were so lazy even to take the pain to come to class.

Being a backbencher for almost all of my lifetime, with occasional punishment transfers to the front, to all the back benchers out there, hatz off friend, hadn't it ben for us, the class would've been even more boring for the teachers.

Hailstone said...

"supplemented by funny usage of capitals n small cases mixed" --
I guess, it was not purposefully written like that.. Some error with your keyboard.. right.. aano?? Hrd something like that frm u, last week.

Anyway, sambhavam nannayittundu..So, I was one among CBI, rite?? But sometimes, was one among you..

primofacto said...

Well written dear. After reading this article, I just thought of our first year classes. I'm glad that, it was a wonderful era in our college life and we enjoyed in the peaks.

Let the remaining two years be filled with joy... May it be a memorable part in our life... After five or six years, we 'll remember these days with drops of tears in our eyes...

Anonymous said...

@ primofacto
Engo maranna sms lines pole thonnu :):)

Rejil Krishnan said...

:)Smiles and smiles did u shower,
& the grim faced me did glow.
like a globe of cotton did i float,
in memories long lost..:)

Well written, Mr. BRAINS... :)

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

kudos to BRAINs.... missing our dept class rooms... wish we could be there .. the same last three benches of the second row...