Friday, May 9, 2008

Adithyan: Man in Making

The name is Adithyan. Came onto this world on December 10, 2007. Many of you may still be remembering him from my post dated the same.
He is five months old now. But these five months have brought with them dramatic changes in the baby's appearance. He now has a face, one that bears resemblance to mother. The bright skin has given way to a slight brown tan-like color, thus ensuring him being a typical Asian! There are long strands of hair, indicating immediate attention by a barber, and from being a description-less one-in-a-million, the baby is on his path to obtain his identity, some thing that will belong to him, just him.
The deficiency shows up only in the vacancies between his upper and lower jaws- the teeth! :) Still his juvenile efforts to smile at every face brings cheers, and at the least, a return nod. Quite pleasant during the day, he turns to tormenting parents by staying awake all night, and the usual choir of changing diapers and breast feeding. My cousin sister, the victim, could be found with swollen eyes from lack of sleep, taking a quick nap when his sonny sleeps by 6 or 7 in the morning.

Take good care of your teeth. Its a difficult world without them.I had the curiosity to taste babyfood the other day. Sneaking into kitchen I took a spoonful of it and yuch!! a sugary paste with no flavor whatsoever. I pity all the babies of the world for having been forced to eat this. It would have been less of a punishment had he been born with tooth and was ready to bite into something solid and masala-fied. No wonder kids start puking and spitting it out once the process of feeding starts!
Five months are pretty enough for a kid realize his kith and kin. I had seen a documentary on Discovery( yup, I do watch channels like these!) related to the "vision development stages" in a baby. The sight of a baby clears up completely by his first birthday or so. till then he identifies his parents and close ones by the size of the shadowy figure and smell. amazing isn't it??! Adithyan or Appu, as he'll be called at his home now on, identifies fairly everyone. He is pretty clear in understanding when I'm around and doesn't wait a second in breaking the dams and crying out! A lil devil he sure is!
I guess that's what I wanted to tell ya all after this brief period of isolation from the blogosphere...
buzzing off


primofacto said...

cute baby... and a wonderful description... Love babies...

Devidas said...

@ bri
yup i love them a lot too..