Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Signs of Monsoon

Rain, rain go away come again another day!... goes the rhyme..
Its been about a month since Monsoons have started in Kerala and yet the downpour has been on a drastically low scale. The cold mornings of July n Aug are yet to come it seems!
The first rain brings with it the eruption of numerous cute little towers in and around, fondly called mushrooms. Well, frankly I hadn't been able to sight even a single mush till today, this season.
Today was the lucky day, I guess.
The pics show a large group of tiny mushrooms I found near steps to my friends' hostel. These looked real cute and were quite fluffy to touch!
Don't know why, but sometimes the smallest and the least significant things make us feel good, and makes one feel and admire the diversity the One above has bestowed on the planet. I don't know how many of you share these thoughts, but I, for one, somehow felt quite cheerful seeing those new lives taking shape abiding the law of nature.Imagery of clear guilt that came to my mind was how we, humans, were destroying this perfect harmony and balance between life and still...

Message: When thoughts haunt you, and mind succumbs to waves of depressing gusts, look around you for the tiniest form of life- something that strives to make others happy, something that perishes in moments yet does what its purpose of living was... to enchant those who can feel the pain, and the joy imbibed in every pain, the ones who could still laugh after every sad moment and those who could carry a gleam of hope resident in the most depressing of moments... seeking out to let the good happen...
Buzzing off


Nivil said...

aliya.. nice presence of mind using the camera there.. nice pics... how do u notice all these simple fundas of life so easily?
nyways nice work..!!!
oh.. n by d way, superb writing...

RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...

true ej, a nice entry altogether..

hope the monsoons give some more rain water, else our KSEB might have to figure out alternative sources for 'electricity'