Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Launched?! For Linux?

Google launched Google Chrome, the new face of Browsers, Today. Adhering to their policies of keeping the most powerful tools look the simplest( eg: I downloaded it today evening. And yup, must say, its good!

Google Chrome has a new look with no menu bars on top. All the options condensed to two icons on the top right corner. Chrome has provisions for multiple tabs in the same window, similar to Opera or Mozilla Firefox, but the striking feature is the incognito window- a window that leaves no trace of cookies or history on your system of the sites that you visited. A hitch, however, that I found was that there is no facility for a master password in it. That is, I could see all the saved passwords on my personal computer without any trouble. I guess that was probably because I was logged in as Admin. Anyways its kinda creepy!

The simplicity of appearance and easiness to use is what I felt to be the most adoring aspect of Chrome. Ctrl+T opens new Tab and Ctrl+Shift+N opens the incognito window!

All in all, , Firefox and IE is in for a tough competition with the coming of Chrome,that comes from the workshops of Google, a trusted giant in the Industry!

Click here to download the Windows version here. Linux and Mac Os versions are still under construction! :)


Nivil said...

jus downloaded it myself.. looks good.. but a bit hogging on the memory it seems.. got a nice tech description in d form of cartoons rather than page long tech documentaation.. impressive

Anonymous said...

You can register with your email id at chrome home page for updates about linux version. :)

Right now the only thing they have is a svn code repo with build instructions for linux but the author himself says "it builds but nothing runs". Being an opensource project and having its roots in Firefox i dont think google will take anytime to release the linux version.

FYI: I got hold of chrome even before the home page of chrome was up :) Last night almost at this time.

Anish Bhaskaran