Sunday, March 9, 2008

Book Review- Swami and His Friends

Swami and his friends is an exquisite work of literature by India’s renowned writer R.K Narayan.
An amazingly fluent story line, pictured in the wonder world of Malgudi, an not-in-atlas-not-on-globe place, grips the reader's interest from the very first page.

The story, starting from the childhood chronicles of Swaminathan, then a kid of first grade, travels through a world of thoughts, that belongs to the innocent mind of Swami which clogs his path on every venture he takes up with infinite doubts and counter-questions. The description of a kid's world by an adult writer in near approximate accuracy is worth applause. Swami, shy and fearful in nature, is overcome by numerous flows of emotions in different day to day situations we often come across. The story clear casts mind’s unpredictability and a kid’s ingenuous attitude along with his sincere attempts to display equitable support to his friends who are on heated grounds.
Rajam and Mani are Swami's two inseparable-at-heart friends. The trio plan up for very many adventures, that every teenager of their age sincerely wishes to do ( if not possible in reality).

R.K Narayan sketches a world that whirls around the indecisive nature of Swaminathan, who is easily carried away by momentary notions of mind, thereby finding himself in grave peril that puts a question mark on his very existence. The story however takes an abrupt ending, much to the disappointment of the reader at a scenario of mixed feelings.
to know what adventures " Swami and his friends " got themselves into, how their bond of friendship became all-the-more strong after every enthralling event, and finally to know what happened in the climax that gets the reader in dismay, go grab this book from your library or a shop nearby, sooooooon.........

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Rejil Krishnan said...

Honestly... what a book it was...
and of course u hv written a worthwhile review... keep it up...!! :)