Wednesday, March 19, 2008

stuck and still waiting...

A week more to go.

I'm at my home in Mysore now. Came over

this Sunday(16th morning). No particular

reason. Its been over two months since

I've been home so felt like getting

The state of Kerala is facing the

heaviest showers of recent times, quite

unexpected at this time of the year.

television news report describe sever

loss of grains and other crops to

farmers for whom this was the harvest

season. The 15th of march was no


Kuttimukku fields on 14th, the first foggy morning in two months

I woke up by 10a.m. (pretty early for my

holiday standards). Went to college

after(??) cleaning up. Booked my tickets

and came over to pack my bags for the

trip. Hari (my brother) had asked for the

computer to be brought back home as he

would be finishing off with his C.B.S.E

board exams next weekend, only to enter

a long vacation of roughly three months.

I had bartered Sethu's L.C.D monitor for

my CRT one, thus reducing the bulk of

load drastically. It was quite easy

packing up the whole computer and

peripherals and I finished in about two


It had started drizzling by 3p.m. There

was a time about a week ago when we had

prayed for a little of rain, but "

ooparwala jab bhi deta hai, chappad

phaad ke deta hai" and thats centum true.

Its been raining for three days now,

with continuum.

My bags and the card box got wet and the

papers were peeling away from the Box by

the time I reached home(at 5a.m next


The journey home was pretty

eventful. First to mention is about Mr.

Shajahan, a logo and web designer from Ernakulam on

his way to Nilambur. He had had serious

troubles the whole day, missing the

train for which he had booked a ticket,

getting out late from a crucial meeting

and finally ending up next to me en

route! We had a nice little chat midst

of which he laid out a proposal to do

some off-campus web designing for him whilst

carrying on my studies. Seems

interesting, novel, unexplored field

from my point of view. Shall be giving it a

try soon.

Then at about 40kms from Mysore, the

bus had a punctured tire. The

driver soon set off to change it with

locally available tools and some which

he had carried with him( obviously, he

should, its Kerala R.T.C anyway!)

A patient wait for about 2 hours and I

was home at 5 against the usual 3a.m


Shall be returning to Thrissur in

two days. Still hoping positively that

the university may postpone the exams

buzzing off


Hailstone said...

Dont 'hope' so.
I'm waiting for the exams to get finished off.. Ini postpone cheyyonnum venda.. Aa 'sambhavam' pettenonnu kazhinju kittiyaal mathi!!

All the best for exams :)

Rejil Krishnan said...

I expected the guy to hv his worst the moment he sat near u... ;)
Nyways.... don't expect ur xams to get further postponed... all the best... :)