Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dhyuthi 07 - My Event Synopsis

Three magnificient days celebrating the annum mirabilis. Days that shall be embossed in golden letters in the history of the institution. Days that will remain afresh for years to come, in the minds of the people who witnessed it.

The Golden jubilee celebrations of the college, which commenced on the 28th of November have finally come to an end today morning, 1st December. The preparations for the same had started months back and the program was coined the name 'Dhyuthi' which means light. Over 700 colleges were invited for this grand event and the crowd that turned up was well beyond ten thousand.

I was a volunteer in the Reception committee for the program. There were other committees as well,viz., the committes for Local arrangement, Media, Food and Accomadation and so on. In addition there were general volunteers who took care of any odd job that turned up. The co-ordinated function of these committees under expert leadership of seniors is worth applause.

On 27th , at around 3p.m, we embarked on a bike rally through the city to proclaim the beginning of the function the day after. Two on each bike, carrying posters and leaflets , soaring through the heart of the city, beeping horns and catching attention. It was an effective mean to express, i must admit, as all around people craned their necks to see us passing.

The day One began with off-stage events like Painting and Creative Writing. The Inaugural function began at 6p.m. Noted South Indian singer Karthik( one who sang in 'Boys') and cine director Kamal were the guests. It was followed by a musical concert by Karthik himself which got the crowd tap to the beats played by music director Benet and his team.

As the rights for photography during the concert were solely for the media committee, I do not have any clips to put out here, but here is his autograph he signed for me during a break between the songs.

The Reception committee had put up an Information desk at the entrance to college and I was chiefly assigned to be there, reciting the Event Schedule and helping out people who seeked any kind of information regarding the program.

A remarkable feat I achieved during this program was to mingle with a new lot of friends, people whom I often see in and off the campus, but never known in person. They were largely from other departments, but the GEC-ian spirit was present in all of us that made us bind for the common cause, hand in hand.

The schedule of the on stage events for day 2 is as given below.

The only events I could manage to see were 'Step and Synchro' and 'English Drama'. Step and Synchro is a unique program in which two dancers, with a dark screen separating them, dance in perfect synchronisation to the music played. The crowd responded with cheers for perfection and mistakes were accompanied with booing.

Here is a design that was made in the Rangoli event. I was amused!!

College wore a festive look and colorful lights illuminated every nook and corner of the gigantic campus.

On day 3, another information desk was put up near stage 3 which evidently helped me in watching the Movie Spoof event. The characters from various movies acting for a common story was hilarious. Next in the list was the event which was most anticipated- Radio Mango 91.9 FM's RJ Freak-Out. Final participants for it were selected earlier in the prelims and the 16 finalists performed with excellence.
A minute was given for them to present any performance they wished and scores were given on the basis of the same. Singer Franko, Producer Shogun Ravi and the scriptwriter of the movie 'NAMMAL' which was shot almost entirely in our campus were the judges. The participants presented unique bits of humour and 7 ( +1 selected by sms votes) were let into second round.
In the second round they were to reply spontaneously to the situations presented, such as 'selling a pre-paid connection to Musharaff' , or reaction when 'you win a 10lakh rupee lottery'. The crowd roared with laughter and encouraged the best of the best.

The valedictory function which was presided by Babu Palisseri, M.L.A was followed by another musical concert. The programs that followed it were sensational and pulsating and as the events progressed to dawn of Dec 1, sleep was no where to be seen on any face and all that remained, once the event of all events finished was the unanswered question- when next??

Here's a pic of the masterpiece work that was set up in the college campus by some students.

It was a wonderful experience and a remarkable feat in my campus life, the memories of which will stay along with me for very many reasons than above. The sense of pride on being able to contribute my two penny worth in this jumbo event is not expressible in words.

Truly, proud and honoured to be GEC-ian!!!


Hailstone said...

Same is the case with me. I too consider the chance we got for mingling with a lot number of GECians as a gift from Dhyuthi '07. Really glad about that. It might be because there were not many students from our department in reception committee.

Pinne, it's RJ freq-out (not freak out).
Freq - related with frequency. It was explained by those anchors. I guess you were not there during the initial stages of pgm.


ej said...

very happy wid the way things turned out... no hiccups to disrupt d proceedings... alll the committes did a wonderful job organizing things... n guess everybody enjoyed every bit of it... especially after seeing lotta attendie faces among the audiences even after the programme streachin to mrng 6 wuz a really toyuching experience.
n i really missed d rj freq-out prog.. got struck at h=the quiz venue.. :( bt compensated by seeing all d pick progs at d main stage from prime location.. :D
n about not getting any photoz, i too am disappointed... wanna lay ma hands on almost 4-5 GBs of photographs.. n d videos.. waitin for it...
n as u said, thanks to dhyuthi, lotta nu ppl... n lotta nu talents...
waitin for a day when we get to run such a prog...
as madhavan said for the winding up specch, if possible, a better one, or atleast somewhere near to it.. letz hope.. n hatz off to all the ppl who put their heart n soul into it..

Rohith said...

as always ur blog lived upto its reputation.. Superb description .. hope u can add some more things( here and there, the missing out things.. u know better than me) and give it to college magazine.. no chance of them rejecting it.. its such a wonderful article, accompanied by wonderful photos..

Well Nivil's comment is enuf for a comment.. nothin more frm me...

A special sorry to nivil on that quiz occasion( hope he can guess why) Had an urgent work, so escaped and that gave me a chance to see RJ freq out..

Logan said...

another good entry to your credit
and true everyone got a chance to mingle with so many students whose faces seemed familiar but names beyond our scope

and yes most had a great time with all the programs going on but there were a group students who never had a chance to watch the programs but run around carrying out
the errands salute them for their dedication

all credits to the college union for arranging such a wonderful event


Devidas said...

ya i wasn't there during the beginin..

the media coverage for the program was simply hilarious...

Devidas said...

@ ej

special thanks and all the credit to the union and the students who were behind this event ab initio till end.
sad that u missed rj thing...

Devidas said...

@ rohit
thanks for your compliments da...
i guess its a bit too far fetching things to contribut this article to mag.
what do you say??

Devidas said...

@ logan...
ya the work put up by everyone was perfect....

my question: was there any thing left out by them that should have been, in you GUYS opinion, included in dhyuthi??

Rohith said...

yess.... a food counter wuz a must.. Some stupid Pearl regency thing wuznt all that wuz enuf...

And the volunteers(gen, evryone else) shud hav had free food ,atleast once a day... When lakhs are spent on other things, union shud hav taken up for this also..

ej said...

got really screwed up at quiz.. happy dat u escaped, though i suffered..

n i agree food counter wuz a must.. we didnt expect pearl regency to provide us food for rs 40/- apiece.

bt providing food for all volunteers as u all very well know is really absurd on two counts.

1)By their sheer number
2)U know how many ppl are gonna turn out

Though there're almost 300 or so volunteers, can u tell me d number of ppl who put their heart n soul in doing thir duty?

about d media coverage, cheeran has d whole of them. ath least a copy. He claims of 7 GB. Man, cutting all d crap fotoz, atleast a 4. He's jus utilized his duty well.

ej said...

@ rohit
forgot to tell one thing.. as i mentioned, i think d gen vol's were left out b'coz of their size. Food's avilable at request for the committees at request i think. atleast i's invited for food a day. Then obviously, others too...

Ramakrishnan said...

what a description

i completely agree with rohit. you can very well give the article for the magazine.

salute to our seniors

PLEASE mention about BINGO