Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year Guys!!

Currently writing this from a DELL Inspiron 2650 laptop borrowed from my dear friend Safir here.
Its been the four longest months of my life, since the last time I had been home. The longing for such a return had become unbearable over the last few weeks with dark clouds of exams hovering over our heads.

As soon as the Christmas celebrations at college ended the first thing I did was to stuff my back-pack and book the tickets back home.

Coming to Christmas celebrations at college, we had two distinct celebrations-one in our class and the other in the dept with all the students from the 4 years getting together.
Christmas celebrations in class were as colorful as it had been the previous year. The event started by 2 in the afternoon, with the representatives announcing it officially. Then came the moments of exchanging the Xmas gifts to the secret Christ-mate. The gift I presented to Ardra, my Christ-mate, was an assortment of 25 items, ranging from candles, ear buds, thread, soap to shampoo and pickle(??). A hoard of laughter followed every item that was picked out of the gift box.
Then followed the best part of the show, food. There were pastries for everyone and so was softdrinks. Don't know about others, but I surely got my tummy-full!!

Bristow and Denny showed up in the middle of the program. Bristow was dressed as a modern day pirate while Denny was Santa Claus.

Bristow looking a bit better than actual!!(Just kidding!!)

The pirate narrated the story as to how hard it had been for him to get all the way to Switzerland and get hold of Santa, convince him to make a visit to our college and stuffs...:)

The program winded up as soon as it started as there were the union games going on at the other end of the college, with second years(i.e, us!!) about to play fourth years in the finals of throw ball and volleyball. The former we won and the latter we offered as our parting tribute to the final years.

Human pyramid by the final years at the end of day 2, Union Games

Speaking of the departmental celebration, the thing that comes to my mind immediately is the preparation of the Christmas star. Seven of us took up this task with Bristow overseeing the whole process. It was finished in about four hours time.

Whats Xmas without the TREE!!

For the first time all the classes of the Compsciz Department were getting together to celebrate Christmas. Except for the food(pastries and soft drinks) everything else was arranged by us with assistance from our juniors wherever they could. Seniors condescended to help out wherever they could, in odd jobs. There were various cultural programs organised, with instrumental support from first years.

Late-nite practice sessions for the big day! Jerry rocked the Party!!

The students were seated on four corners in the order of the year they belonged to and a game like balloon bursting was organised. What was missing were the fireworks, and that started immediately!

Everyone, especially the first and the final years enjoyed the max. The programme was a giant success as could be comprehended from the praises we the second years received from others.

There were songs sung by students from all years. The one that received the healthiest applause was the one sung by the final years which ended up in cacophony and chaos.

As final word, Mobin from S7 thanked all the juniors for making his batch's last Christmas celebration at college memorable.

A photo session followed and that was the end for yet another wonderful day at GEC.

"We are what you dream to be!!"


Hailstone said...

Why didn't you mention about the gift you got from Sunija?? ;)

-- Just for kidding tto..

ej said...

nice one.. u all enjoyed it well it seemz... we made this christmas almost a silent one for us in the memories of one of our seniors father who'd passed away recently..

Md Mudassir Alam said...

Interesing article and nice picks.

arun said...

i was there for the class celebrations but had to miss the dept. celebrations. i do feel i missed something. anyways i'm enjoyin my vacations at home with mom dad n bro.happy holidays dasaa

Ramakrishnan said...

ya. what a day it was.. i was very pleased to win the game.