Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sneak Peak-Yanthra '07

Dedication- to all the motor freaks out there..

The place Cheruthuruthi is about 30 kms from Trichur, nearer to Vadakkancheri and Shornur. Located amidst the blissful scenery and in the lap of mother nature, is Jyothi Engineering College.

Today, on 8Th December, Rohit and me visited this college and its gigantic campus, to witness the technical exhibition by the Mechanical students of this college- YANTHRA 07. Primo facto for such a trip was the rumor that the meanest of the mean machines- Hummer H3 is at exhibit there.

I had been to Palakkad yesterday, to get a glimpse of my niece( yes I'm an uncle, to eight kids!!) who had just come down from Chennai. She's just over an year old, a chubby little being.

Later at night, plans were made to attend Yanthra the next day. I started off from Palakkad earlier this morning. As against my belief and to utter bewilderment, the National Highway connecting Trichur and Palakkad had been patched up, and the journey, that used to take 4 hours to travel just over 60kms,briefed to a mere one hour.

Soon after reaching home, i set out to meet Rohit and off we were to Jyothi. Climate being surprisingly pleasant at the pitch of the day, we cruised and reached at about 2p.m in Cheruthuruthi.

The quiz contest which we had plans of competing in, was scheduled at around that time, and, soon after finishing and returning the paper the same way as it was given to us... neat, clean and blank :), we paced up to see the exhibits.

The whole display had been categorised into Bikes and Cars section separately, and our primary initiative was to visit the former.

There was a long array of modified bikes, opallargely Pulsars converted to R1's and Hayabusas, without a trace of its actual self. For a moment, even i was convinced that the mo bike in front of me was the real Suzuki Hayabusa. Check out this pic before you exclaim.

There were more bikes and a few of them were really drop-dead gorgeous!

The Cars section, apart from the Hummer H3, had a Pajero for display, though the crowd was chiefly hovering around the former. As expected, the stupendous Hummer H3 was grandiose in appearance, imported from Dubai as the number plate read, and gleaming in bright yellow paint. Oodles of volunteers crowded around to keep the viewers from prying nearer.

Took some pictures of the Hummer and moved ahead for a view of Pajero. Though Pajeros are becoming increasingly common in our land, its still worth an eyeful to stand there and praise the sheer effort and excellence of people behind the creation of this magnificient vehicle, the 4x4 that rules the dunes.

Then there was the technical exhibition of the Electronics department of the college- Magnum Opus.

Surprisingly small as I am to admit, there weren't many attractions and it was largely an assortment of hardware stuff, from valve radios to DVD writer lenses.

The only exhibit that I was amused by is this:

Developed indigenously, this pic programmer could accommodate a number of various PICs with varying number of leads, and the only drawback was the lack of support for Atmel.
Front lawn of the college, if I may call it so!!

To sum up, i was thoroughly pleased by the college and its vast campus, a little less so by the exhibition. Sorry guys, it could have been better!!


ej said...

though i missed it, after readin ur article, i felt lyk i'd really been der. n nicely supplymented by nice pics.
gud effort dasappa... u're gettin better by d day in ur writing skills.. keep up d gud work..

Hailstone said...

We all missed it :(

Ramakrishnan said...


i agree with Ej completely

vinujose said...

Great work, maan. Today, at the church,after the Holy Mass,I met a friend from that college. He informed me about Hummer coming for 4 hours from Cochin. Only recently I came to know about this monster vehicle which was actually developed by US army for their wars. There was an article in Test Drive section of Malayala Manorama about this and the rumour that this vehicle will be introduced into our market and roads. Well, your descriptions along with photo of H3 was simply superb. Keep such work going.

Rohith said...

hi hi.... see dasappa all these comments saying ' we missed it ' stuff are indirectly praising ur entry and ur effort.. ( ur presentation describes it better than how it actually was, to b honest)

ONly those who went ther know wat is Jyothi n where we GECians are ...
except for that hummer, nothing wuz worth too much attention n attraction

Devidas said...

thanks guys for the praises...
well the program was ok but uncomparable to the standards of the trichur motor show. i do agree to this fact.