Friday, August 22, 2008

Living it out

Uncertain.... the feeling is that between total exasperation and hope. Realising that one's potential may or may not come in handy to tackle the situation at hand. Given the choice, I shall rather give the job of decision making to an Expert than myself.

Joy.... can't see the reason why I am writing this. Joyous for a reason. Can't help myself, for the position I'm in - perplexed with anxiety.

Advices flowing in, can't drink any.
Choices lay themselves in view, can't see any.
I go the way my heart leadth.
Its a blindfold. And I shall Unveil it.

P.S: Comment


Nivil said...


Bristow said...

da devi wht happnd???

Hailstone said...


Pacha kodi kanduo devidas??

RoHiT 'Z' CoOl said...

So many deep feelings behind these words...

only advice( free of course! )
keep things simple. Dont mess it with too many people jumping into it.. Everything should be on your fingertips.... It should seem easy to yourself...

Devidas said...


avumbol ariyikkam :)

Devidas said...

thanks.... futile.