Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bheja Fry: Scintillating Comedy; Meaningful Notions

i had an opportunity to watch the Hindi movie- 'Bheja Fry' y'day.
Pictured on the high income groups of the society, the film provides an exampli Gratia of the degrading moral values and ethics.The movie clear casts the fact that money isn't just everything that can add flavour to one's life.

Though the topics dealt may seem pretty serious, the presentation of the movie is simply hilarious.The movie is an exquisite example of how humour can be used to present the gravest of matters.
This movie,as I feel, is a must-watch for every single person entrapped in the busy urban life.


Hailstone said...

"Money isn't just everything that can add flavour to one's life".

You are right. But, in this new era in which the moral values and ethics has no place(as you wrote), the mal. saying "pannathinu meethae parunthum parakkilla" holds true to a certain extent, I guess.

Amma said...

People should read this.