Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reinstated Net Facility

I had been driven way away from the world of Internet for the past 2-3 months owing to unavoidable circumstances that cropped here.
Today Anish Chetan's mom, or my aunt in short, gave me her son's Motorola c650 which would serve me the purpose as a modem for my Internet connection, while my dear nokia 3120 will still be used as usual.
I had to spent half an hour to set up the network connection in my PC,OS being Windows Xp Sp2.I had to re-install the Motorola modem drivers twice before they would actually fit into the framework.
As soon as the connection was made,i tried to visit two web pages simultaneously- Google and Pramode sir's blog.Google being my all time favorite for its wonderful search and all the stuffs associated.Sad to say this,thanks to my wonderful Airtel GPRS connection, sir's blog would not load at all.
I'm planning to download FireFox 2 now(using Internet Explorer now:(). Anyone with a better suggestion for a browser, kindly post as reply.


jack said...

da.. try opera 9.23...

Hailstone said...

Not a solution for your problem.
It's my personal opinion.

Even though we all are free software promoters, whatever you say, in APPEARANCE IE ippozhum oru padi munnil thanneyaanu.

Btw, who is this Jack from GEC?

Devidas said...

no idea who he is. i enquired and am waiting for his reply.