Saturday, September 22, 2007

Firefox and Funds

I finally downloaded FireFox 2.0 from Mozilla website on 19Th night.Frankly, it seems very much like the FireFox 1.5 that I was using earlier.I did find a new option in the History tab- "recently closed tabs".It lists, as the name says, all the webpages the user visited in that session.

Its practically unnecessary to include such a tab as we do have the list of all the visited tabs available right on top of this option.May be these inclusions are what they call "updates" :).

My classmates ,Raman and Rohit came home for a night stay.We watched some movies and when everyone of us started feeling sleepy, we switched over to the all time classic comic saga- "Friends".And there goes all the sleep.We watched it till 2 in the morning and then went to bed all the time discussing things in college and debating on topics like forming a class fund.I hope some of you readers have an idea as to what this means.And i request your opinion on how to implement this.
Started downloading Quicktime 7(19.2MB).My Gprs connection could do that in under an hour which is, as my experience says, a good time.:)


Starry Sky said...

Hmm...class fund? For what though?

I do think that if you have a purpose in mind, and can write out a good proposal, stick it up on your classroom notice board/ student notice boards in your college, and make a few announcements about the fund and the method of collection, it shouldn't be too difficult to form one! And as for the method of collection, the best way would probably be to have elected treasurers, etc. to manage the fund...

Devidas said...

@ starry sky
The purpose is to back the nexpected celebrations in class that happen at short notice.
We have people investing for these events initially expecting to be repayed once the program is over.But often after the program its a real pain going about asking everyone menial amounts, eventually ending up in a situation where the investor loses his/her money.
Here in the plan must be to gather a fixed amount every month thus building up a considerable amount so that all the monetary needs are met as and when they come.

any comments??

Hailstone said...

The idea is fine. But, is it practical to get money from all(mainly, frm the other gang of boys)??

Ningalkkokke oru budhimuttaakum ennulla nilakku, njan aayikkollam treasurer :))

Devidas said...

we would not mind makin u the treasurer but the problem is you are far away from college...see accessibility is of course a huge obstacle :)

Starry Sky said...

As far as purpose goes, this really makes sense! You know what, I really think you should just announce this in your class/ call for a meeting of your classmates and put forth this idea...after that, I am sure that people will express their reservations, etc. and you'll have a wonderful the end of which you can have elections, choose your treasurer, and one more suggestion - you can even set up a bank account and put the money there! But the account you may have to create in the name of a person (and not as a fund), maybe the treasurer(s)...

And now, I really must stop with the gyan, or I'll bore you to death! :D

Devidas said...

thanks a lot didi...
that were brilliant suggestions from you.
@ priya
meet harini didi(starry sky)
my senior at school. a damn good adviser, in her 5th year law schooling, and above all, my dear DIDI.

@ stary sky,
didi meet priya.
my class mate and gr8888 pal.a wonderful blogger with simplicity as trademark.


i guess this is the way people meet one another online :)

Starry Sky said...

Hello Priya :)

Only one thing to change frm wht Devidas said - am in the 4th yr! :) And am waiting for the 5th yr, the yr free of most academic troubles (supposedly ;) )

ramakrishnan said...

i got fire fox from the ubuntu cd.
which version is that?
i think there was no need to download it..