Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Cheers to the Men in Blue!! The Cup is Ours!!

An exciting finish to an exciting match. India wins the ICC Twenty20 World Cup beating their neighbour and arch rival Pakistanon Wanderers Stadium. And what a match it was!!

My classmates and I cancelled our daily class at Pramode Sir's to watch this match with great expectations. After reading the article by Md Mudassir Alam yesterday, i was eager to know the result of what he called the Mother of all Matches.

I spent time watching Indian batting at our all-time hang-out- Wimbies with my classmates and many other ardent Indian Fans. Towards the end of the Indian innings it seemed as though there were very little chances of snatching the Cup from the rivals.

I placed a bet(for a Burger :))with my friend on the odds against Indian win. I returned home soon after the batting of the blue squad was over, expecting only a miracle that could save them from stopping Pakistan.

Soon I heard the disheartening news of Sreesanth being hit for 21 runs in a single over. Thereafter, came the moments that will get etched in golden letters in World Cricket history, when Team India was lead on a path of Come back by the captain on the First ever Twenty20 World Cup and what a return was that!!! The final overs were nail-biting moments( as always when India plays Pakistan :) ). The first ball of the last over ,which the last man standing for Pakistan hit for a six,reduced the runs needed for their win to 6 from 4 balls and it seemed to be a nail on India's coffin.

Then ahoy! the ball that followed saw the same batter giving catching practice to our fielder thus pulling the curtains on Pakistan's Innings. Dhoni, captain of the team on this Foreign tour, was on cloud nine as the artistic cameramen rightly showed and the elated Men in Blue went about doing the renowned Indian Huddle and making merry.

The final score card was as follows: India 157 for 5 wickets in 20 overs.Pakistan bowled out at 152 in 19.3 overs. Man of the match awarded to Irfan Pathan and Shahid Afridi was elected the Player of the Tournament.

Team India was seen doing the lap of honour expressing their courtesy to us, the Indian fans for the centum support offered :).

This match proved to be one hell of an entertainer and the win is a great moment of pride for every Indian.Its been 30 minutes since the match has finished and I can still hear the bursts of crackers and other fireworks in the neighbourhood where there is no bound to the peoples' joy. :)

Proud to be an Indian!!!

I welcome all to express your comments on the joy of India's win...


Hailstone said...

Feeling really excited..

Can you please tell me what's the relevance of the photo of the trophy , given here.
This was not the one given to Dhoni as T20 cup today.


Devidas said...

this was the photo i got upon search...i'll change it immediately and load the actual one...
thanks for the tip..

Starry Sky said...

What a match it was!! Had a wonderful time watching it, esp in hostel! Also lost my voice after all tht screaming, and my head was throbbing slightly too...
:P but it was definitely worth it!!

And you have Inspired me! :) I am going to search for and put up pics of the match too!

Md Mudassir Alam said...

Hi, Devidas Kandath by chance I came across ur blog while I was searching articles by my name in google. Thanks for mentioning my name in ur article, it gives a writer inner satisfaction when somebody compliments his or her article. Keep on reading and criticise my write-ups as well. Once more thanks a lot, great work..

Devidas said...

alam sir
its my pleasure that u took time to visit my blog and place comment on my trivial articles. thanks a lot sir.
please do comment on future articles that i place.
thanks a lot